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vessel agency services

We offers a wide range of vessel agency services. The following list is not exhaustive of our capabilities but describes the fundamental services we provide. Should our clients have a specific request or need, chances are that we’ve either dealt with such a situation before, or are able to provide the information and guidance needed to resolve that situation. We are ready to help in full capacity.

  • Charterer’s Agency Representation: attend as charterer’s nominated agents for the purpose of not only vessel port movement, but to ensure protection of the charterer’s interests and to expedite cargo operations and minimize demurrage.
  • Owners Husbandry and Protective Representation: arrange stores, repairs, medical, spares, transport, air travel, and/or warehousing.
  • Time Charterers Representation: expedite vessel’s port call and cargo operations, coordinate replenishment of bunkers, stevedoring, surveyors, etc.
  • Terminal Agency Representation; representing terminal’s interests, vessel scheduling, implementation, enforcement and invoicing of terminal’s tariff, security regulations, etc.
  • Cargo protective agency for shippers and/or receivers.
  • Preparation of bills of lading and cargo documentation.

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